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 Elusive People

Barbary -- Lewis Bibler's wife

Barbara and Lewis Bibler were married, most likely in or near present Page County, Virginia, about 1770. According to the Ancestral File, she was born in Linville, Rockingham County, Virginia. The source of this data is unknown. When Lewis and Barbary moved to Rockingham County, Virginia in 1786, they purchased land from a John and Jean Miller. They became neighbors there, in the Mole Hill District, near Cooks Creek, between Dayton and Harrisonburg, Virginia, with a number of Millers, who appear to have been a closely related group. Some of the given names in this Mennonite family were Abraham, John, Jacob, Samuel, and Michael. Lewis and Jacob Bibler were both involved in some capacity in the estates of these people. In Fairfield County, Ohio, after Lewis had passed away, Christian Kagy, his oldest daughter's husband, was involved in the estates of two Miller men from this same family. Additionally, Bruce Carroll, a Peavler researcher, although he did not remember the source or his information, stated that he had been at one time given information insinuating that Lewis and Barbara's marriage had taken place in Virginia, and that these marriages were not available to Kethley and Vogt when they transcribed Virginia marriages. They are kept in a box at the Library of Virginia. Christian Bibler's marriage is also, according to some researchers, kept in this box. At present we have no researcher in Virginia willing to retrieve these documents. This researcher (Deborah Smith) has been to Virginia numerous occasions to research, but has never been able to tear herself away from Rockingham County records long enough to make the trip to Richmond. There were various Miller families in the Shenandoah Valley as well as in eastern Pennsylvania with whom the Bibler family was likely acquainted. Of particular interest are descendants of a Michael Miller and Barbara Kneisley, who may have been ancestors of Samuel Miller, Lewis Bibler?s neighbor on Cooks Creek. Samuel Miller?s wife was Magdalena Wiley. This family is purported to have resided in Pennsylvania for some time, only having moved to the Shenandoah Valley a short while, perhaps a generation, prior to the movement of the Bibler and some of the Miller families to Fairfield County, Ohio. This is probably the easiest ?unknown? to uncover.
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Catharina -- Jacob Bibler's wife

Family lore claims that Jacob Bibler's wife was Catharina Hite. During the Revolutionary War era, Daniel, Abraham, John, and Andrew Hite resided in present Page County, Virginia. According to Hite researchers, these were sons of Andreas Hite, who was described as a ?Quaker? (German Mennonites were called Quakers) in a Chester County, Pennsylvania Deed, and his wife, Magdalena. Jacob Bibler was born in 1755. His marriage probably occurred about 1780. At that time he and the Hite family, with whom the biblers were closely associated, resided in Shenandoah County, Virginia. Jacob and Catharina?s son, Johannes (John) A. Bibler, married a member of the Hite family. This might indicate a first cousin marriage, making the Hite theory slightly less plausible.

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